Top 5 best, and worst, things about coming home when you're a student

I’m a second year history student and during the Christmas holidays I realised that there are some wonderful benefits to coming home. During my first year, I didn’t get too homesick because I was in the whirlwind of student life that comes with Freshers, however as second year went on I missed the home comforts much more, probably because I was doing more work and drinking less. Here I have compiled the best vs the worst things about being home when you’re a student:

autumnLet’s start with the obvious worsts..

1-      Being judged by your parents for getting home any later than midnight/drinking too much/eating badly/watching netflix for 12 hours

2-      Losing your privacy and freedom, no more impromptu predrinks at your house

3-      Being asked how uni is going (and trying not to admit that in the past three weeks your diet has been pasta, wine and celery and  you’ve had several breakdowns over deadlines and having to answer ‘yeah, it’s great thanks!’ To any family member that asks.)

4-      Questioning yourself ‘is this what it’s going to be like when I finish my degree?’ so you manically search for MAs whilst you squish into your single bed and wonder how you’ll ever fit another human next to you

5- Being told off for having a shit hole of a bedroom. At uni we really take for granted the fact we can get away with a floordrobe.

However, I believe the best bits about coming home outweigh the negatives..

1- There is always toilet roll in the house. I am embarrassed to admit the amount of times I have stolen loo roll from the library toilets because I am too stubborn to buy loo roll for the house for the 4th week in a row.

2- Similarly, there is always food in the fridge. Be it parents, or grandparents, when you’re home from uni, everyone feeds you. It’s great. And it’s nice food! Not just pasta.

3- You don’t have to pay rent (!!!!) unless your parents are pretty mean and want to charge you rent for 3 weeks over easter?

4- You get to see your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/pets, and have your friends from uni come and explore your foreign town city and meet your friends/boyfriend/pets, which are both great either way.

5- Although this is dependent on your family, I think it’s similar for most students. At home, there is always someone to give you a hug, look after you when you’re sick or tell you it’ll be ok if you’re freaking out about uni work. Getting to see your parents or siblings is great and although you don’t want to admit it too much, you have missed them for the duration of the past term.

However, this doesn’t always last for long and normally you’re ready to go back to the independence and poverty of uni after a week.

Let me know your thoughts on the pros and cons of University life in the comments!



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