The UniBox Review

I was delighted to receive a UniBox this month! The UniBox is a subscription care package for university students, and I can tell you, it made my month.

Inside the bright blue box that arrived at my doorstep, was a selection of goodies and treats alongside some really useful bits!

2 Mallow and Marsh Bars

I found it really hard to wait to photograph these before eating them, they looked so good. They tasted as good as I expected, too. The raspberry bar is raspberry marshmallow covered in dark chocolate, then another bar of plain marshmallow coated in coconut flakes.

NOM Bar – naturally, organic matters original oat bar

When I read that this was gluten-free, vegan, etc I thought it was going to be really boring and stodgy. I was totally wrong, it was so tasty and really filling. Totally delish.

Litte’s Hazelnut Coffee

This coffee is amazing, it’s like a hazelnut cappuccino from Nero without the cost! I had skimmed milk with it, it is great for boosting your energy before lectures or doing a late night library sesh.

Faith in Nature, Grapefruit handmade soap

Perfect addition of a small bit of luxury to any student household. Think my housemates will thank me for this in our bathroom!

BetterYou Multivit throat spray

This is the best idea for students. At Uni, you so easily pick up every nasty cough or running nose that’s lingering around campus, so upping your defences with multivitamins is the best thing to do! The throat spray tastes pretty good too!

The UniBox Pen

Extremely useful when you’re a student(!)

Quibbles, The wasabi trio

Another snack I had to restrain myself from eating as soon as it arrived. I personally love wasabi but if it’s not your thing, you might not like these. Although I did have the sneezes after because I’m apparently a bit of a wuss, these are delicious.

‘Carpe Caffeine’ Travel Coffee mug

My personal favourite from this month’s box: a travel mug. I took this to work on the train and it was perfect. It didn’t spill, it kept my coffee warm for over an hour and it looked cute too! You can buy these individually from Uni Boxes’ shop in case you don’t want to purchase the full box!

This month’s box was well received here and all the goodies were very much enjoyed. I love that the coffee, soap, vitamin spray etc will last a while and not everything that arrived in the box will disappear as soon as it arrives which is great for a student lifestyle.

I will be back next month with a review of the March Uni Box! You can get 20% off your own subscription to UniBox with the code ‘MOLLY20’

Let me know if you have used any subscription boxes and if you can recommend some!



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