Skincare | In defence of face wipes..

Face wipes get a pretty bad rep. Skincare companies will roll their eyes at you when you mention wipes.

And yes, cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin twice a day, everyday is the best thing you can do.

However, I struggle to get everything else I have on my to-do list done most days and sometimes I am just too exhausted to do my 5 step skincare routine.

My answer?

A good old face wipe.

If I get in from a night out, you know the drill, 3am carrying a box of cheesy chips and curry sauce with glitter and red lipstick on my face, I do not have the energy, nor motivation, to do a full skincare regime. I take my make up off with a wipe because sleeping with make up on is an offence to the beauty gods and trust me you don’t want to break that rule.

I have friends with little ones and if they get five seconds alone in the bathroom, they’re lucky. It’s clear that they simply don’t have time for a proper regime. Face wipes are so handy for cleansing your face quickly and efficiently.

I do use skincare products, but normally only once a day. I used to work for a large skincare brand and they encouraged customers to cleanse twice a day. But when I wake up, I just don’t feel like cleansing my face, and I don’t feel like it needs it sometimes. I usually run a wipe across my face, it wakes me up and clears off any dirt I’ve accumulated whilst sleeping (I’m not sure how that happens but let’s go with it?). It’s so much quicker and I can get on with getting ready and rushing into campus.

I love the T Zone charcoal wipes, they so refreshing. I also buy the wipes from primark since they’re so cheap I don’t mind getting through them.

The other day, a blogger I love, EmmyyMay said on twitter that some nights you do a full skincare routine, and other nights you just about manage a face wipe shoved across your face. She said that we can’t be winning all the time and I agree entirely – so let’s give up the pretence that we’re on top of everything (including our skincare) and embrace the laziness sometimes.

Love, Molly x

1 thought on “Skincare | In defence of face wipes..”

  1. Absolutely, as much as I’m a skincare lover…I’m not about to be doing a full skincare routine every morning & night.
    My go to face wipes are the Loreal fine flowers ones, they are so so good for sensitive skin!
    Great read lovely!
    Thanks for including me 💕
    Emily-May xx

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