No Spend September

Morning everyone,

Today it is the last day in August, which means it is the last day that I can spend any money on myself.

The past two years at University have hit my bank account hard. I went from having a comfortable savings account that I had worked hard to fill, to having one that only had two digits. I finish my degree in June, which is terrifying, so I need to have some kind of back up in my savings account. I want to do an MA on the continent next September and unfortunately, it might be quite pricey.

kaboompics_Resting on a blanket (1)
I have to stop letting myself spend £2 on a coffee on campus and make myself one at home from now on..


For September, I have decided to not spend money on anything that I don’t need. I will have to spend money on food, urgent toiletries, bills, rent and public transport because I need to live. But I won’t be able to spend anything on: make up (!), clothes, coffees, takeaways, Ubers (I struggled to type that) or anything that isn’t a necessity.  

If you want to join in with me, drop me a comment and let me know so we can support each other!

Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “No Spend September”

  1. I will definitely join in with you on this one! I’m in the same boat when it comes to overspending on “the little things” and think “I’m treating myself.” In September, the spending will get cut back! I hope your journey goes well!

  2. I also need to save! I find it so hard and have never had any proper savings but I so desperately need to start and I’m doing that this month! This post really helped, knowing other people are saving too and it’s not just me not buying stuff haha xx

    1. I’m really glad it helped! Don’t worry it’s not just you- I spend too much money on make up, it’s my weakness. This month, we all save together!!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment Charlotte,
      Molly x

  3. For the first time in my life I actually have a healthy savings account at the moment but whilst I am usually fairly frugal I’ve found that since I’ve gotten a regular job I’m letting myself have little ‘treats’ more and more often so this is a good way of reevaluating what’s necessary and what isn’t.
    I look forward to seeing how you go with this! Best of luck with it my dear xxx

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