New Year, New Skincare

I’m a little late with this post, it was meant for the beginning on January! January was my test month, it is such a dull, dark, depressing time of year so I have decided February can be my New, New Year!

I love skincare and think it so important in everyone’s routine. If you have any questions about the products or want to let me know what you think, drop me a comment on Instagram or on here!

Cleanse and Polish + Spritzer Tonic

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish + Tonic Spritzer

Although I may be slightly biased about Liz Earle, I honestly would not use any other cleanser now I’ve tried this.

The Cleanse and Polish has won 125 awards in the UK and for good reason. The cleanser contains eucalyptus, cocoa butter and chamomile and is totally plant based. The cleanser is quick to use but feels luxurious, you just pop some onto dry skin and straight on top of makeup if you need to take it off – it is so gentle you can literally rub it on your eyelashes and you won’t experience that horrible sting you get with other products. You can buy the cleanser with the muslin cloth, which you run under hot water and gently take off the cleanser (removing any dead skin and makeup with it!) The cleanser smells beautiful, stops break outs and is super quick to use, big thumbs up from me.

The Spritzer Tonic from Liz Earle is also my favourite toner to use. It is important to use a toner, especially after using warm water on your face, to close the pores and stop them from letting dirt in. This toner doesn’t contain alcohol, which means it is gentle just like the cleanser. I love this one because you don’t need a cotton pad to wipe it off, you literally just spray it onto your face and let it sink in, no wiping or dragging at your face. It’s fantastic and it also smells beautiful! I sometimes use this to refresh my face over the top of makeup throughout the day when my skin feels dull or dry.


Vitamin E Cream

Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisturiser


One of my favourites, it is the most effective and affordable moisturiser I have used. It is so gentle, smells beautiful and sinks in really fast. It is also a good base for makeup.

(In the summer I like to use a body shop SPF 50 under my moisturiser too, because I am really pale and can’t risk burning!)


Origins Spot Treatment

Origins Super Spot Remover 


A colleague recommended the Origins Spot Treatment to me last year because I was stressing about my breakouts and I cannot believe how brilliant this treatment is. For me, it eradicated blemishes overnight because of the salicylic acid, which dries spots up. It is quite pricey at £15 for one little bottle, but it lasts for ages and it is a miracle product and I would recommend this for anyone who suffers from breakouts!


Soap and Glory Mask

Soap and Glory ‘No Clogs Allowed’


I bought this heated mask last summer and fell in love with it. It isn’t too drying like other masks I have tried and I love the way it feels on my skin. As the title suggests, it heats up on your face. First, you apply it like you would any other mask, then you pop a little bit of water on your hands and rub it in again, at this point the mask heats up and turns blue on your face. You only need to leave it on for 5 minutes and it draws out impurities, it truly is fab and great for congested skin.


Hope all of your beginnings to 2017 were successful and happy!


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