My Primark Favourites

I love high end makeup, the packaging, the quality and the trust you have in a more expensive product. However my bank balance can’t handle that kind of spending, and I love Primark, so I decided to give their beauty section a good try out.

Concealer £2

I love this concealer, it has been compared to the NARS radiant creamy concealer and it does a brilliant job for the price. The wand is long and glides on really nicely, they have an amazing range of shades and the formula has a great staying power.


I built my own eyeshadow palette! It is a four pan palette, with a burnt orange colour…

It blends beautifully, is well pigmented and for the price (again) is an absolute save. I also think it is so great that you can customise it yourself. It costs a lot usually to make your own eyeshadow palette – and this one goes everywhere with me now.

Setting powder £2

Another incredible product. I bought this after I ran out of my Urban Decay Naked Loose Powder (normally £24.50) and I couldn’t afford to repurchase it. This powder is better than my usual UD fav, it is so fine and it sets my concealer and foundation perfectly. It only costs £2 so I saved myself £22.50! Very chuffed with this. I recommended it to my flatmate who now also swears by it – total bargain and wonder product.

False nails

I love having nails on. As a nail biter, I’m very self concious about how gross my hands look, when I’m anxious my nails are the first things to show it. I used to love having acrylics put on, I wouldn’t bite them and it felt like I had my life together. They also cost £42 a go (!) Moving to university, I couldn’t afford such an extravagant thing, so I started wearing false nails to stop myself biting my own around exam period. Primark’s nails are between £1-£2 a pack, with 24 nails AND a glue. I think the glue is actually similar quality to a more expensive nail glue and I can usually get a whole week out of these packs of nails. My favourites are the almond shaped nails, they look natural but stylish. So to have nails on all year, it costs me about £55. Whereas, if I had my nails done every three weeks it would cost £680! I’m sticking to Primark nails, they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

Notable mentions:

Hair bobbles

An invisibobble costs you £4.99 for three hair bands. THREE. At primark, you can get a coloured pack of ten for £1.  I say no more.


Primark tights are a godsend. They are thick, comfy, true to size and cheap. Pick some up next time you’re in there, you can thank me later.

What have you loved in Primark’s latest beauty release? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know – I love traipsing around that place!

Molly x

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