Limecrime, be my valentine?

Happy Monday!

Last year, I ordered the three valentine’s shades in LimeCrime’s famous liquid lipsticks, and they are still some of my favourites so I thought in honour of Valentine’s Day I would share a review and some swatches of these beautiful liquid mattes.


Cupid (top) is a light, angelic, but not Barbie, pink, which is a little bit too light for my colouring but is a pretty shade nonetheless. It would look lovely for day to day wear or for a coffee or lunch date.

True Love (middle) is a really bright, vibrant pink. It is so bright. Nearly fluorescent on me. Don’t get me wrong, the pigment is impressive and it’s a stunning colour, but I haven’t had much chance to wear this colour unless it has been mixed with another shade or if I’ve added it to the centre of my lips when wearing Saint.

Saint (bottom) is possibly my favourite. I love dark lipsticks anyway so I am a little biased. It is a perfect shade, sort of a deep brown red cranberry colour.

I love Lime Crime lipsticks. They are so long lasting and the formula isn’t too drying. However, make sure you apply them correctly the first time because they are a bit tricky to fix! When I ordered these in 2016, you could still only get them from Lime Crime itself which was pretty pricey because they came from the US. Now you can get them from Beauty Bay and ASOS (if you buy from ASOS and if you’re a student like me – student discount!!)

They are pricey at £15 but totally worth it. I would recommend trying these lipsticks, especially if you love bold colours. They have released lip toppers which I am dying to get my hands on because I LOVE anything glittery/sparkly. Their Perlees are also beautiful and I am eyeing up the shade ‘Beetle’.

Let me know if you’ve tried Lime Crime and what you think of them in the comments or on my Instagram @gollymisssmolly

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone,





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