I feel like I don’t belong in the blogging community, but that’s ok

Let’s go back to my first blog event a few years ago, it was daunting, I had no clue what the ‘ dress code’ was, and behind their Instagram handle, I didn’t know anyone.

As I arrived, I saw a girl changing from her trainers into a pair of 5-inch heels. Shit, I thought, I’m going to look so underdressed.


I walked into a room full of stunning, confident, predominantly slim, girls wearing the latest trends and styled flawlessly with their designer bags and sophisticated heels. I was in jeans and my favourite top from river island. I spotted someone I knew from a past event and almost bounded over, so excited I wouldn’t be totally alone. She was stood with her ‘girl gang’ and after a polite hello, it was clear I wasn’t allowed in. A bit defeated, but unsurprised, I made my way through it alone, and I made a few friends, I did a bit of *networking*, enjoyed the complimentary prosecco and chatted to some new brands.

molly-0482Obviously there was a flower wall, and these beautiful girls were posing in front of their friends holding fancy Canons or an Olympus-PEN. I had an iPhone 6 with 27% battery. Luckily I made a friend and we hung out and took some cute pictures for each other (the mentality was definitely ‘if you didn’t get a pic in front of the flower wall, you didn’t go’).

The entire time I was there, I noticed everything was aimed at the stereotypical ‘millennial blogger’. Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely, but it just didn’t seem ‘me’.

I love avocado on toast and a good flat lay, but having a sparkly septum ring and being a size 14/16 made me stick out like a sore thumb. Blogging revolves around influence and popularity, this is for clothes, accessories, locations, even designers. When you don’t stick to these ‘favs’ of the community, it can be difficult to fit in.

At school, I didn’t really fit in either, and it has only been at Uni that I’ve finally found a place I belong. I know that I don’t feel alone in this, a lot of bloggers feel isolated from the perfected, edited Instagrams – financial status and your ‘look’ can really separate you from the – dare I say it – mainstream blogger image. It is so hard to afford the latest trends, the newest makeup and the idea of doing a youtube haul makes me feel poor just thinking about it. The ‘girl gang’ mentality is actually quite damaging and can feel very very isolating, and in all honesty it reminds me of cliques in secondary school.

I know I don’t fit in, I don’t stick to a theme or a blog schedule, I can’t afford anything from Gucci, Louboutin or Chloé (even though the Faye Day Bag is stunning).

2 thoughts on “I feel like I don’t belong in the blogging community, but that’s ok”

  1. Hi! I loved reading this blog. I completely understand how you’re feeling. You’re not alone! I always felt like I never fit in and same as you can, I struggled to fit in at school and with social groups in general. I’ve struggled to find people like me. Sometimes looking out and caring for yourself is no.1 priority. Learn to love what you do, and make decisions for yourself and what suits you and to stop feeling you need to be like other people.

    This can be a lot easier said than done, but sometimes taking yourself away from all negativity, can help you to feel happier and confident with who you are!

    Belle xx

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