How I got into beauty and blogging

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to explain a bit about how I got into beauty, and then later blogging.

I have never been one of those people that can’t leave the house without makeup, but I just love the fact that you can ramp up your confidence with a swipe of lipstick or a cat eye. I always loved to play with makeup, I was so excited when I started secondary school and realised we were allowed to wear makeup. Fast forward through years of dream matte mouse and Rimmel’s jelly lip glosses (still praying they bring these back one day). I arrived at my first year of university and realised I needed to get a job to support myself alongside my studies. I first worked in a bar, where there was a stabbing on my first night (I lasted just under a month), then in a children’s soft play area, which was so dull I couldn’t stand it. I thought that there must be something productive and interesting that I could do, not just a job for minimum wage whilst being treated like sh*t because I was a student (students are exploited majorly in housing and in employment, but that’s another blog post).

I signed up with an agency to promote brands in Boots and Tesco. I noticed that as well as food and drink promo, many of the jobs had openings for Make Up Artists. I found a course to become an MUA that I could do alongside my studies, and quickly qualified. I then started doing jobs with this agency for Boots Emporium, Maybelline and Garnier. My confidence doing make up on other people rocketed (I’ll still never forget the first time someone asked me to do a winged eyeliner on them on my first job and my hand was shaking so much I thought she was going to have a Harry Potter scar shaped wing, but it was fine), and I felt more capable to do more jobs in the beauty industry.


Since I had found my passion for makeup, I decided to share it with other like minded people on Instagram. It was so nice to have a community all chatting about the same things, getting excited about new releases and sharing their favourite products. Whilst on Instagram, I also stumbled across the beautiful world that is beauty blogging. So naturally, I felt I needed to get involved and started my blog in July (not telling anyone I knew, mind you).

That summer, I met some lovely women whilst doing a job for Garnier in Boots, who suggested I apply for a role on their counter. I applied for a position nearer to University and somehow got the job! I started working for the skincare brand Liz Earle, which I absolutely loved. I learnt SO much from my week’s training in the Isle of Wight and whilst I was working on a counter in Oxford. My knowledge about ingredients, skin care and makeup grew massively in the 10 months I was with Liz Earle, and I would go back in a heartbeat. But I had to go home for the summer which meant leaving my job with them.

Thoughout this transition, my blog has evolved from being just makeup, to now including skincare, fashion, lifestyle, student life and travel. Now, I suppose I’m not really a beauty blogger, I’m just a blogger. I think it feels freer to call myself that, because the terms travel, lifestyle, beauty, all feel a bit limiting. Most of my posts do revolve around beauty still, but I’m enjoying the community of blogging and the opportunities it has given me! I’ve struggled a lot the past two years and I find blogging so therapeutic, it has given me something to direct my energy into. So really, I don’t mind how many readers or likes I get, I find this blog a creative outlet and I enjoy pouring my thoughts into this webpage and the blogger community is such a bonus!

If you read all that, thank you, it was a load of waffle. It felt nice to share it with my followers though!

Why did you start blogging? Let me know in the comments below x


Molly x

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  1. Really interesting. I started blogging mostly just to make a side income, now I’m being more focused and investing a lot more time and money into it so that I can hopefully work from home full-time.

  2. It’s nice to know how you got into blogging. I got into blogging as a diary of my fashion design journey. A lot has changed since I got married and now have children. Now you’ll find me writing about designing for my daughter, myself and just recently I wrote about beauty. Which I want to get more into because I love it so much.

  3. Love your story. Low key I want to get out of the corporate world and make a space for myself in either the beauty community or the communications field. All the best!

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