High End Make Up Wishlist

At the moment, I am on a makeup ban. I have a bit of a problem. I love buying and playing with makeup. This doesn’t stop me fantasising and making lists of all the beautifully packaged makeup products I, one day, want to try. (Trust me, there is no way I can afford to buy this list, so it really is just an imaginary shopping basket)

  1.   Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipsticks ‘Bond Girl‘ and ‘Walk of Shame’ (£23 each)

2.   Too FacedBetter than sex‘ Mascara (£19)

3.   Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (£29)

4.   Laura Mercier Protect Primer (£30)

5.   NARS Sheer Glow foundation in ‘Mont Blanc‘ (£32)

6.   NARS Creamy Concealer in ‘Chantilly‘ (£23)

7.   Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in ‘Sin‘ (£21)

8.   Lime Crime Venus Palettes (£43 for both)

9.   Benefit’sHoola‘ (£24.50)

10.   MAC Lipsticks in ‘Stone‘, ‘Twig and ‘Sin‘ (£15.50 each)

11.   MAC Pigments in ‘Tan‘ (£16)

Total amount: £330 (15 Items)

So bit too pricey for my student budget, but we can all dream. Please let me know if you’ve used any of these products and if they’re worth the money, you have better recommendations or you’d like to buy them too!






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    1. It is difficult! But on my priority of next to buy, it would be the Laura Mercier Protect Primer because it has SPF and it’s getting sunnier. Then maybe MAC’s Twig Lipstick, because I love the colour. I’ll have to see at the end of the month! Might have a trip to Charlotte Tilbury in Covent Garden instead, we’ll see! xoxo

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