Fresh starts, Mondays and NYE | Why we don’t need to keep reinventing ourselves

As humans, we see milestones in time as an opportunity for change. For example, after a breakup or a new job, we try to find something we can change to make ourselves ‘better’. – think hair dying, tattoos, weight loss.

This is the same with the New Year, and thousands of us ironically hashtag #NewYearNewMe on 1st January, but we don’t really change anything, and more importantly, we don’t need to.

It is refreshing and hopeful to think that with the New Year will come new opportunities, new adventures and new friends.

But why do we think we need to change ourselves to achieve this?


If you have the ‘New Year, New Me’ mindset, then what you’re essentially saying is that the current you is not good enough and needs to be changed.

That is totally wrong; the current you is exactly who you need to be right now and you are great JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (I hope you read that in Colin Firth’s voice when he said it to Renée Zellweger).

So there are some things you don’t like about yourself that you want to change in the new year?

Carrying a few extra pounds or smoking too much due to work stress? Yeah, you can go ahead and change those if you really want to, but why reinvent yourself or be a totally ‘New Me’?

By telling yourself that you need to be changed, you aren’t giving yourself the love and self-respect you deserve.

Maybe if you think you haven’t been a great person over the past year, then rather than emptily declaring ‘New Year, New Me’, why not make amends with those you’ve fallen out with or unintentionally hurt?

Apologise, renew friendships and relationships. Leave the 2018 problems in 2018, move on and, yes, start afresh, but don’t change yourself just because of the date.

We can have the new exciting promises that a New Year brings without completely revamping ourselves, and I know that in 2019, I will be the same me, but more driven, motivated and probably much more hungover than the day before.

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