Flight Hand Luggage Essentials

thumbnail_image1 (1)This blog post is about flight and holiday essentials – I find packing for holidays so stressful because I have this fear of leaving something really important at home, and by really important, I mean dry shampoo or eyeliner.

Here are my seven in-flight essentials-

Liz Earle’s Skin Tonic Spritzer – This toner is so great for travelling, if you’re like me and find that the air con on flights or coaches dries out your skin, this tonic is perfect for you! You can get it in a travel size spritz online and use it as a toner, to set your makeup or just throughout the day to cool down and refresh your skin. This is an essential for a flight, just check that the person next to you isn’t allergic to lavender before spraying it (Sorry, Lauren)

Eye mask – mine is from VS and, yes, it matches my jimjams.

Ear plugs – great if there is a screaming bubba on your flight or if the guy next to you starts snoring.

Hand Gel – my favourite is from Yves Rocher (I stock up every time I go to France) it smells like peaches.

Lip Balm – can’t stress this enough as my essential, my lips dry out so quickly on flights and I kick myself when I don’t remember to bring one with me anywhere. I love Liz Earle’s new superlip because it’s super glossy but when I need hydration I use Vaseline, (I love the honey one)

Hair Bands


Gum – prevent those ears popping!

What are your flight essentials?




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  1. Ooh I want to try the Liz Earle skin tonic spritzer now!!! My only essential is moisturiser tbh – my skin gets so dry and flakey on flights ;(. This makes me want to go on holiday with you so much tbh <3 cxxxxxx

  2. Thanks for sharing your essentials, like you I always fear I’m going to forget something, so this was a great reminder; especially as the next two weeks I’ll be flying quite a bit. Never thought of gum, so adding that to the list now.


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