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Hi, guys!

Recently one of my friends (lovely Lizzie) suggested I should write about makeup that is good for really light skin, the fair skinned people who struggle to find a shade of foundation that doesn’t look orange or yellow on them. I am the kind of person who doesn’t tan, I just burn. So finding foundation can sometimes be tricky. Here are my tips for those of you who struggle with as pale as me.

First of all, foundation, the trickiest to get right: I LOVE Urban Decay’s Naked foundation in 0.5. It is so light and it has a nice natural coverage. I have also heard that Kat Von D has a great light foundation, the Lock It Foundation, which is heavier and more long lasting I believe. I have Estée Lauder’s Double Wear too which is light enough for my summer skin tone, but I would recommend going to your local counter for any of these foundations to have them tested. If you are lucky enough to fit into No. 7’s shade ‘Calico’, I know that they have a great range of foundations designed to cater to any skin type, they are also very well priced. Another good high street foundation is the Rimmel Match Perfection, it has a nice light, dewy look to it and it is great for the summer since it has SPF 20.

Concealer: Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer in the lightest shade (1) is the best under eye concealer I have tried (and the cheapest). Definitely worth the £3.99! NARS also has a gorgeous concealer which you can get in the shade Chantilly, this is great if, unlike me, you have a bit more cash to splash.

Mascara: I would recommend if you’re pale and ginger/strawberry blonde trying a brown mascara instead of black. Black can sometimes look harsh against ginger lashes. For blondes, brown mascara also looks natural and means you can crack out the black for bigger occasions rather than just work. This, of course, is all personal preference. I like to wear brown mascara in the summer because my freckles come out and my hair goes lighter, and I find black defines my eyes more in the winter when I’m hiding behind a scarf and hat.

Blusher/Bronzer: My personal favourite is a coppery colour from MAC (coppertone), which I use as a light contour under my cheekbones. Then Dandelion or Rockateur from Benefit are great shades for rosy cheeks without bringing out red undertones too much. While we’re on the topic of Benefit – their new Hoola Lite is amazing for pale people, it’s not as orange as Hoola (Hoola isn’t actually orange, but it is on me).

Eyebrow products: Liz Earle’s light brow pencil is amazing. It is so creamy and it just glides on, it is perfect for filling in your brows quickly. Gimme Brow from Benefit is also great for shaping and taming unruly brows. My ABH dip brow is great too, but for pale skinned lovelies, Taupe, Blonde or at the very darkest Soft Brown is good. Auburn for red heads.

Finally, Lipsticks!
My favourite shades which I think would go well with any other pale skinned lipstick lover are: Secret Salma from Charlotte Tilbury, Twig from MAC, Stockholm from NYX is a great nude for pale skin, Creeper from Colourpop in the ultra matte lip collection is the best red for pale skin too!

Some problems that often arise when you have fair skin

Redness/Rosacea: Green concealer hides redness, blend it well under foundation and it can completely change your colouring. Also, try using a serum which aims to even skin tone.

Sun damage: If you’re like me, and you burn when it is windy outside, and fry when you’re in the sun, make sure you’re wearing SPF all year round. I wear my Body Shop SPF 50 under my foundation all year and when I’m not wearing makeup, I wear a moisturiser with an SPF in it to protect my skin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my ramblings!

Comment below if you have any products you think suits fair skin



4 thoughts on “My favourite products for fair skin”

  1. Thanks so so much for this molly!! I had to explain to the woman in lush today that I neeed a really intense moisturiser bc my skins is pathetic in the sun 😭😭 I’ve literally never owned a foundation so I might treat myself to the urban decay one :))) always thought I was too pale and dry skinned to use any decent foundation so this really helped!!

  2. I needed this post so much!! I’ve always really struggled finding foundations that don’t make me look orange and I also don’t like the feel of really heavy foundations so this has given me some different brands to have a look at. I find as well because I have really dark hair it can make me look even paler so it becomes more obvious if something’s the wrong shade on me.
    So excited to try out some of your recommendatins 😀 xxx

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