Fashion myths we tell ‘chubby’ girls

When I was around 8 years old, I remember watching Trinny and Suzanna and hearing their fashion ‘dos & don’ts’.

At 8 years old, I had learnt that a chubby girl should never wear horizontal stripes because they make you look wider. I refused to wear stripes for years after that.

The next thing I came across as a teenager was that chubby girls can’t wear bikinis, crop tops, bodycon dresses or leggings. Social pressure to fit in and impress boys was enough to keep me miles away from bikinis and crop tops anyway, but it still made me feel bad about myself when I went summer holiday shopping with friends. Skater dresses were the only acceptable style someone like me could wear and I didn’t dare leave the house in leggings unless they were my gym ones.

Next came colour.

‘Black hides all lumps and bumps, colour draws attention to problem areas’ –

and just like that, I was dressed in blacks and greys.

In my first two years of university, my housemates used to laugh when I struggled between which black dress to wear out clubbing; ‘you only wear black dresses out, are they actually any different?’.  Years of confidence in myself had been worn down by the media and social commentary on women’s bodies, and I would be stood in front of my mirror, a size 14 girl, trying to decide if she should wear the plain black bodycon dress or the plain black off the shoulder dress. My housemates were actually surprised and almost excited when I received a package from ASOS containing a dark NAVY velvet skater dress that could be worn on nights out.

These ‘rules’ that girls over a size 12 are meant to adhere to are absolute b*llocks. It took me a while to realise it, but if you wear whatever you want to wear with enough confidence, you’ll look great in it.

Stripes suit anyone for goodness sake, imagine telling a whole nation that stripes make you look fat?

So here’s a picture of me, with skin on show and wearing stripes, so screw you Trinny and Suzanna.

The best thing you can wear is confidence. Wear what you want, and tell anyone who says you can’t wear it, to shove it.

Now, I’m going to go and chuck out my old black dresses.

3 thoughts on “Fashion myths we tell ‘chubby’ girls”

  1. Thanks so much for this! I wear black pants and dark jeans my whole life and I don’t know how anyone could call you chubby. Over size 12? I was skinny in a 12,14, and even 16. I am big boned,for real, not just an excuse. At 12 and 14 I was starving myself and you could see my ribs and I looked emaciated. I’ve always worn a size 8 or 9 inch bracelet. I wish I could go back in time and be a 16 or 18 but I just need to love myself for who I am now. I’m still the same person inside no matter what my weight! 💜

  2. Bless you sweet. We are all beautiful regardless of weight. Try out some colours and strut with confidence. It lifts your mood completely. Or even start with bright lipstick!! Lots of love x

  3. The stripes thing is SUCH rubbish. And to be honest, who cares if they do make you look wider, is that a bad thing? I avoided stripes for years – and for those years I was every size between a 6 and an 18. Wearing what you think looks good, and what your comfortable in is all that matters!

    Amy x

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