Everyday make up for the office

(This article was first written and published by Molly for The Growing Up Guide)

Sometimes it can be confusing to know what is professional and what isn’t when you start out in an office or workplace environment. We are pressured to look ‘polished’ but are judged if we wear too much makeup or put  too much effort into it Here are our tips on finding a good balance that suits you:

BB Cream and Tinted Moisturiser

If you are conscious about your skin, rather than wearing a heavy foundation every day, try a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. Alternatively, just pop some concealer just on the areas you want to brighten, like under your eyes.

If you like cruelty-free makeup, Liz Earle has a lovely sheer skin tintNo. 7 is also a good brand to go with too and their BB cream that is great.

Go for lips OR eyes, not both

Do a cat eye and strong brows but wear a light lip colour or even just a balm. Or wear a bright lip colour, like a classic red, and then just wear mascara and some brow gel. It extenuates your features and means that you won’t ever look too made up. If you’re stuck for lip options, we’ve laid out the 5 shades that you need to invest in.

Plan for the change of scenery

Beware of products that can change under horrible office lights, orangey bronzers can look neon under lights like this, and powders can reflect light. You can test these powders by taking a picture with the flash on – you’ll know if it reflects light too much.

Keep it natural

Don’t bother with fake lashes, keep them in your bag and put them on after work if you’re going out for drinks or dinner.

Keep your skin healthy

Get yourself a good skincare routine! Having good skin is the best base for makeup and if your skin is well looked after, you might not feel like you have to wear as much.

Try to do it twice a day. If you don’t know what to use then ask someone on a counter or in a drugstore, they’ll be able to help you pick the products right for your skin, and you will notice a difference – I promise.

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