Do you need to be rich to be a successful blogger?

Before I started blogging I remember chatting to a colleague who said the only thing that stopped them from starting a blog was the pressure to feature the newest trends, not being able to afford them and therefore not having anyone to read the content.

I scroll mindlessly through Instagram every morning, my eyes catching the Gucci & Louis Vuitton bags, belts, the Louboutins, the newest foundation or a blinding highlighter; for some reason, I can’t help but feel left out. As a student, I’m on a tight budget, and I already spend too much on ‘treats’ – clothes and makeup mainly.

That sassy hair flick rejecting the pressure to spend money on products for the ‘gram

Social media influencers have influence, that is the whole point. That is why as a blogger you sometimes receive gifted products or samples because your small corner of Instagram cares about what you’re wearing/using/eating/drinking. Weird world we live in, I know. As technology has moved on, so has advertising and the method of influencing others. What used to be confined to the tabloids and glossy magazines has moved online, and normal people can influence others with free apps and a WordPress account (which, don’t get me wrong, I love).

I love reading blogs, I follow hundreds of bloggers/influencers, and I enjoy taking inspiration from their fashions and trends. But sometimes I can’t help but feel left out, I don’t have the money to join the #guccigang, and I do buy copies or dupes of the instagrammable bags/belts/shoes. I mean, I bought some red paint and made my own Louboutins because I love the style of them and the thought of spending £500 on a pair of shoes made me feel sick.

It can feel like money is no problem for many big influencers, a trend amongst Youtubers has been to make clothing store hauls titled ‘I spent £300 in *such and such store*’. Honestly, I am so chuffed for these women that they are earning enough to afford this, a lot of them from their work on their blogs. It is difficult to avoid comparison and although my content is totally different, and I do love a good haul video, I feel like the influencer network can sometimes favour those with a lot of disposable income. I’m guilty of this too, as a total make up freak, I own enough to do every models’ makeup at LFW and some of it is expensive too (Double wear and CT lipsticks, I’m looking at you).

It’s pretty often I will see larger bloggers marvelling at how great it is that their favourite coat/top/etc has been reduced to only £70 or a similar figure, which might be a great price for the quality or brand, but is not a realistic amount to spend on an item for the majority of their following.

The blogosphere has had a lot of big trends the past year – big Glossier hauls, Gucci belts, lavender fields, stunning views from the Shangri-La and flower walls. And as wonderful as all these things are – how applicable are they to the audiences of these blogs? We all love dreaming and living vicariously through others, that is a given, but I’m here for the high street fashion, the drugstore make up and the dupes you find hidden in the depths of Primark and Matalan. I can’t afford an Olympus Pen, a stay in a 5* hotel or a £500 ASOS haul for my youtube channel, but I think that my content is alright, I’m proud of how far I’ve come with my photography, writing and my fashion sense. I don’t think we need to flash the cash on our social media feeds, I believe that honest opinions and genuine posts are the reason blogs have the influence that they do.

If you feel like you can’t fit into the blogging world, or keep up with the newest beauty releases and fashion trends because of your finances, remember that although others are in the position to do this, it isn’t the be all and end all, and blogging is not about how much cash you can flash.

Outfit details:

Coat: River Island Boots: New Look Dress: New Look (last season) Glasses: Accessorize

Shot by Kaye Ford (Fordtography)

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