Christmas gift guide | how to spoil your family on a budget

HAPPY ADVENT CALENDER DAY! I hope you all jumped out of bed this morning and ran downstairs to open your advent calendar. I did.

So now that it’s the 1st December, we are allowed to discuss Christmas. And I don’t know about you, but buying presents for other people is my favourite thing to do. Obviously, the slight hiccup here is that I’m pretty poor right now. I haven’t been working as much as before because the third year of University has been so much more demanding so Christmas might have to be a bit cheaper this year!

So I’d like to share my tips on finding a bargain for your family this year..

Golden Rule | Take your student discount with you. If you’re not a student, take someone who is. 10% off here and there is not something to be scoffed at. 

#1 | Shops like HomeSense and TK Maxx are great for really nice presents that aren’t expensive. A few years ago, I bought my dad a recipe book, my mum a faux leather filofax and my then boyfriend a new belt in TK Maxx, I think it came to around £25.

#2 | I’m telling you this a bit late, but it is something to remember for next year: buy presents in the sales, either January or summer sales. If you go abroad in the summer, and see something cheap and beautiful – buy it and give it to them for Christmas. By buying presents throughout the year, you won’t dent your wallet too much in December.

#3 | Make a list of who you need to buy for: as long as you’ve got ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ written on there, and if you’ve got siblings, a few of their names written down, you can’t really go wrong. Work out how much you can afford and then work out your limit for each present. Do this before you go out so you don’t see a gorgeous Cath Kidston bag that you know you mum would ADORE and spend £45 and then have to buy your dad and siblings bars of Galaxy from Poundland.

#4 | Try not to buy just for the sake of it, ask the person what they want or need, to avoid unwanted presents. Remember that it is better to spend £15 on one really well made, useful thing, rather than get 4 presents that are all rubbish.

#5 | Check Amazon (I hate to say it because I try to support small businesses, I’m sorry) but they tend to have the best price. John Lewis and Currys sometimes have cash backoffers on electricals so keep an eye out for those too.

#6 | If you do support small businesses and independent online shops, check out bloggers discount codes! (You can find mine here) Shops that sell gorgeous MacBook and phone cases might be perfect for your sister or best friend, blogger codes can be up to 20% and you’re supporting the blogger and the brand! Win-win.

Merry Christmas!

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