2018 | New Years Resolutions

There a lot of things that I’d love to make my resolution for 2018: lose weight, stop biting my nails, etc etc. But with only 5 months left of my BA, the most stressful months of it too, I don’t want to restrict myself any more than I’m going to. Instead, I’m going to make resolutions that are small shifts that will improve my mental and physical state in 2018.

Work like I’m in a job

Whilst writing my dissertation and an array of other huge essays, I want to write 9-4 on weekdays. If I do this and have some discipline, I can have weekends and evenings to relax and look after myself a bit better. We’ll see how this goes!

Be kind to myself

Stop telling myself off for not being good enough, clever enough, smart enough, motivated enough. I am fine as I am and I need to remember this.

Save £15 a week

Try not to buy coffees, or Uber’s, or things I don’t need and then put £15 into my savings account. I will have saved nearly £800 at the end of the year if I manage to do this!!

Learn how to use photoshop

This is the one I want to do after my degree, I’m going to become a photoshop wizard and my photography is going to get better (I hope).

What are your resolutions?

Happy new year!

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