2017, a reflection

2017 has been a hard year for me. Amongst the family illness, depression, PTSD and the end of a seven-year-long relationship, I’ve struggled to keep my head above the water and cope with everyday life, as well as my degree.

I was thinking about how to sum up 2017 and I determined I wouldn’t let the bad things define my year. I don’t want to convince myself that this year was all bad because there are highs and lows throughout life, and that is inevitable. I decided to record some of the good things that happened, what I learned and what I’m going to do next. Here are some of the brilliant things that happened this year for me, because I want to turn this sh*tty year into a base that I can rebuild on.

Things I have learned

  • There are always more friends. When you lose friends, new ones will come into your life.
  • Being single does not mean being alone.
  • Turnip does not belong in curry.
  • I can live alone, and I quite enjoy living alone.
  • How to make a blog!
  • The entirety of Gongyo.
  • Baked potatoes do taste better in the oven. (I believe you now, Char)
  • I realised that I don’t need to have everything planned out.
  • You can rock any outfit you want if you have enough confidence.

Things I’m proud of myself for

  • I became the Univerity & Career Editor for The Growing Up Guide.
  • Whilst I was struggling during my second-year exams, I still managed to gain a stable 2:1.
  • Telling my university/doctor about my situation and accepting counselling.
  • Walking away from a relationship that had started to harm my mental & physical health.
  • Ending friendships that made me feel bad about myself.
  • Managing two weeks of a teaching placement, when I was not ok, and still passing it.

The best bits

  • Sitting in my back garden by the fire the night before I went to Poland with my closest friends, laughing about something so hard until my stomach hurt.
  • The whole of Poland.
  • Chilling out in a spa with my best friend.
  • Laying on a boat in the middle of the Aegean and soaking up the sun and a cold beer.
  • Jumping off a boat into the Aegean.
  • Attending a Buddhist course in Frankfurt and making some incredible friends.
  • Throwing an awesome Halloween party with my two housemates.
  • Having fireworks in my back garden with lovely friends.
  • Becoming part of a lovely friendship group.
  • Meeting people that helped me regain my confidence.
  • Becoming a part of the blogging community.

My goals for 2018

  • Stop apologising so much
  • Graduate from Uni with a 2:1
  • Hit 10k followers on Instagram (I need that swipe up feature!)
  • Say no’ more
  • Plan and execute mine and WhatSophDidNext‘s exciting event
  • Learn how to use photoshop
  • De-clutter my life
  • Travel to Africa
  • Try freelance writing
  • Wear what I want and be more confident in myself
  • Read more
  • Speak about my experience and help other women who are going through the same.

I hope you all have an incredible 2018, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you achieve!



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