Uni Tips | 11 things you need to know before becoming a Fresher

Similarly to my other blog post about Uni, here are the essentials you need to know/learn before leaving the comfort of your family home. (Note that these are the things I would have told myself 2 and a half years ago)

  1. Learn to cook rice. For goodness sake do not waste your money on those gross sachets that you microwave. If you have no idea how to do it, ask your mum. This is literally the most useful skill my mother has ever taught me.
  2. Understand your alcohol (or other substance) limit. Everyone’s done it, so it’s no biggie if you drink so much Malibu you throw up everywhere and pass out and roll into a lake (*gulp*), but it’s good to avoid it. Freshers is great, and you do really spend a fortnight completely smashed, but make sure you’re not that one that has to get their stomach pumped or has to drop out of uni because of liver damage/alcohol poisoning (this does happen). As great as Freshers is, it’s not worth missing out on 3 years of uni because you overdid it in the first two weeks.
  3. Be careful who you trust. Yes, you are all in the same boat, but not everyone will be as kind or as naive as you. Beware of other drunk people and make sure you never go off alone on a night out. (While we’re on this subject, be aware of the rise of ‘stealthing’ and remember that this is assault, and assaults do happen on every. single. university. campus.)
  4. You won’t need a wok, or a toastie maker, or a coffee machine. Trust me, I’ve been lugging a coffee machine with me between each house I’ve had.
  5. Get your mum or dad to write down the ingredients and recipe for 2 or 3 of your favourite meals. When the alcohol has worn off and the excitement dies down and you actually have to work, you will feel homesick and you will want your parents cooking. And the worst thing is, you’ll have to make it.
  6. Take fancy dress. Every Freshers has a fancy dress party. On the subject of what to bring, leave your collection of heels at home. One pair is good for the Christmas formal, but unless you’re in a really fancy town, no one except the locals wear heels out.
  7. Brace yourself for the fact that other people are gross. Other students are gross. You, too, will be gross and not wash something up or leave something out on the side. Don’t moan about it too much, it is part of sharing a house.
  8. You don’t have to be honest about everything, Uni is a fresh start. I gained a nickname from a game of Never Have I Ever on my first night in halls, and I still haven’t managed to shake it. Don’t follow my example, if no one else drinks, just lie.
  9. Eat lots before going out. Not so much that you won’t fit into your dress, but eat stodge like bread or potatoes so you have something to soak up the sambuca. And if you’ve learnt to cook rice, I recommend that too!
  10. Remember to call your parents. It is so easy to get wrapped up in university life and the events and the drinking and all of that. But remember your parents will be missing you, and not having as much fun as you, so give them a call to let them know you’re alive.
  11. Have fun and remember you only get to do this once! Freshers is not as fun as a second or third year when you actually have work to do.

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