10 things I want to do in my twenties

I’m 6 months into my second decade and I’ve seen a few other bloggers recording their aspirations and goals on their blog. Therefore, I thought I would share my targets and hopes I want to do in my twenties.

1. Do a masters degree

I want to do an MA in History and focus on colonial history and women’s history.

2. Become really organised

Keywords for this decade: minimalism, clean, clutter free

3. Live abroad

I’d love to live in a different country to experience new culture and new places

4. Buy a house

Ambitious, right?

5. Learn to drive

Still something I’ve yet to do, even though I’ve been having lessons since I turned 17 I’ve never got around to doing my test

6. Visit Asia

On the list; India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Bali

7. Visit Africa

My dissertation is on British East Africa so I feel like I need to experience modern Africa.

8. Learn to use photoshop

Need to make these blog photos better!

9. Get something published

History wise or in journalism, we’ll see how this goes..

10. Travel alone

I think I’m probably going to look back at these in a few years and question my decisions, but if I share them publically at least I’m kind of holding myself to account?

What are your goals for the next decade?

Hope you had a great start to 2018!

Molly x

3 thoughts on “10 things I want to do in my twenties”

  1. I really struggle with long term goals. I want to travel more, spend time in Thailand and Australia plus I’d love to volunteer somewhere. I also want to settle down in the next 10 years but where that will be I have no clue.

    I visited Goa in December which is lovely if you fancy seeing Asia. Driving will come when you’re ready, I didn’t until I was 23 and now I love driving.

    Steph x

  2. Oh this reminded me of how much I’d love to live abroad! Although for me that’s not necessarily something I want or feel like I need to do in my 20s, I just want to do it at some point in my life when the time is right! 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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